Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Posted On: December 17, 2014
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Of course, most will admit that human life matters. Nonetheless, there is a troubling fact of life in America. When it comes to law enforcement and the criminal justice system, there is a decades long record of police killings of people of color, without convictions. The last several years have been no different. The most recent events, even with eye witnesses and video evidence, have produced the same results.

Social media and participatory reporting have created an unprecedented view of the practices of some of our civil servants, police, prosecutors, grand juries and judges. It is clear that they have not served the public equally. Ongoing demonstrations and planned boycotts, that include all classes, races and ages,  illustrate that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Black Life Matters” is a Behind The Scenes short, of an episode of Maurice Carver’s, Black Men Screaming TV show. The episode  examines issues surrounding the continuing struggle for justice involving police brutality and officers who kill unarmed people of color. The hope is that honest and rational discussion, can lead to fundamental change in police departments and the criminal justice system.

The Co-Hosts in this episode are: Lori Jones, Village Circle, Inc. and Bert Irons, Coordinator of Bad Language Disdainers. Guests are: Thomas Silva, Retired NYPD and Shawn Joyner, Brown Bag Solidarity
This film short is not meant for commercial distribution.