Ridiculous or Racist?

I’ve read, heard and seen some of the latest Donald Trump bufoonery, but have also been amazed at the media coverage of his self-promoting talk concerning President Obama.

No doubt that were well past the notion that we’re living in a post-racial world because of the election of President Obama. Certainly much of the rhetoric that is heard about “taking our country back” is understood to be racist coding, despite attempts to frame it within ideas of economic prosperity or good old American values.

However, it is amusing and sad to see the media treat the Trump musings as either serious news or a spectacle sideshow. For the most part there has been no attempt to question his clear racist implications. Frankly, our country needs to have substantive ongoing policies in place to address historical, institutional and contemporary racism. For instance, despite the symbolism of President Obama, has any major news media reported on the pattern of racial demographic exclusion in college and graduate schools over the past 30 years? At least this article, confronts in a small way what major media is deathly afraid of….


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